Sofa Sunday? Inside the Mind of an Ecommerce Deal Hunter

There's an interesting new research study available that shows how consumers deal hunt, prepare and plan on "Sofa Sunday," the day before Cyber Monday. 

Valassis, a provider of intelligent media delivery solutions, found that three-quarters (71 percent) of shoppers will spend time deal searching on Sofa Sunday, and two-thirds of shoppers will spend the same or more time researching on Sofa Sunday than actually shopping on Cyber Monday. Other highlights from the study include: 

+ 45 percent of shoppers will spend two or more hours researching deals.

+ Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of shoppers are planning to use their mobile devices to search for deals on Sofa Sunday.

+ 58 percent will complete their Cyber Monday preparation/research by 9 p.m., providing a narrow window for retailers.

"With so much attention focused on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, many retailers may overlook Sofa Sunday - an influential shopping day," said Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer, Valassis.

"Brands and retailers that develop their holiday media strategies with the full consumer decision journey in mind are more likely to reach shoppers with relevant, timely messages and will ultimately secure a bigger piece of the retail pie during this critical shopping season."