SSL Certificate for Retailers and Cybercrime by the Numbers

There's no industry that cybercrime doesn't touch, but retail is particularly vulnerable because it's transaction based and hackers gain access to billing information when their efforts are successful. Fortunately, ecommerce companies can take steps to help protect themselves against those with malicious intent.


BigCommerce looks to help, announcing its partnership with Symantec for a solution called Encryption Everywhere, which will give BigCommerce customers access to a suite of encryption products, including a free standard SSL certificate, which can enhance security and improve shopper confidence (Google's Chrome browser is marking any page with a password or credit card field as insecure if the page is not on HTTPS).


According to BigCommerce, it is the first North American ecommerce platform to offer standard SSL certificates with a full-year validity period backed by Symantec. The relationship also gives merchants the option to upgrade beyond basic encryption to extended-validation (EV) certificates that authenticate the merchant's identity.


"Through its support for Encryption Everywhere, BigCommerce is ensuring its merchant base can compete effectively and provide a world-class shopping experience that is both trusted and secure," Roxane Divol, EVP and GM of Website Security, Symantec. "Our desire is to not only help secure 100 percent of websites, but also encourage best-practices among online merchants through EV certificates that give shoppers confidence that the merchant is who they say they are. Working with industry leaders like BigCommerce will help us achieve these goals."


For more information on what cybercrime is costing retailers, check out the infographic below: