The 5 Types of Women Tech Users

Women are a powerful demographic in the world of retail. In fact, women account for 85 percent of all consumer purchases, including everything from cars to health care, but what types of actions are they taking online?

Of course, most marketers know by now, that it's a mistake to treat all women (and all shoppers for that matter) the same. Insights in Marketing's (IIM) new study reveals how a woman's psychological makeup correlates with her approach to technology, the Internet and social media. After interviewing 3,400 men and women between the ages 18-67, the study uncovered five types of women, each with their own views, personality traits and behavior toward technology.

Knowing the five types (Tech-Dependent Theresa, Simplify My Life Sally, Cautious Camille, Hesitant Hannah and Early-Adopter Amanda) lets marketers get better insights into which technology mediums will capture the different women's attention (and purchasing dollars). 

Tech-Dependent Theresa, for example, uses her smartphone to manage her hectic schedule and stay connected online. She also uses social networks like Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and others more than other profile types defined in the study. Messaging to Theresa would obviously need to vary from messaging to Cautious Camille who uses tech less often and relies on others for tech advice. She is also living her life in the "real world" and not passively experiencing it through social media. Thus, social media advertising would resonate more with Theresa than Camille. 

Read about the key takeaways for marketers below (click to zoom in) or check out the full study here