The Intelligent Transformation of Yext

Yext, a technology company that coordinates business listing information across different Internet databases and media sites, has added three new updates/features to its system that aim to help expand the control that businesses have over their digital knowledge.

The digital knowledge management solution introduced Yext for Events (more on that below), Yext Knowledge Assistant (a pretty cool looking conversational UI designed to help companies manage available public data about their businesses), and Yext's WeChat Mini-Programs integration (which will enable businesses to use Yext to reach consumers in China on their platform of choice in Mandarin).

Yext for Events centralizes the event facts in the Yext Knowledge Manager, enabling customers to discover events across the Web and businesses to publish event details on sites like Google and Facebook, and on event-specific sites consumers use to find things to do, like EventBrite and Eventful.

Yext for Events also makes it possible to create optimized event pages and intelligent calendars that can be synced with the Yext Knowledge Manager, so key details, like what time an event starts and how to get there, show up directly in knowledge cards and voice search answers to get attendees the last mile to the door.

"We are in the middle of an intelligent transformation, where services powered by AI and machine learning are fundamentally changing the way consumers interact with the world around them," said Howard Lerman, Yext CEO & Founder.

"Gone are Web pages made up of strings, replaced by smart answers made up of things. Companies today can take control of what intelligent services say about them by making their own Knowledge Graph with Digital Knowledge Management and the Yext Knowledge Engine. It's time for every company to start its own intelligent transformation."