The New B2B Buyer (Hint: A lot Like B2C)

There was a time where marketing to consumers was vastly different than marketing to other businesses. And, while that time has not elapsed completely, there's a lot for B2B companies to learn from the B2C realm, because business buyers are brown bagging their lofty consumer buying habits to work. 

After all, B2B buyers are consumers at their core. In fact they are what ShopVisible call "pro-sumers" and have the best tools and information available to them virtually everywhere at any time. They are accustomed to the simplicity and ease-of-use that consumer retailers provide them online. Not surprisingly, these B2B buyers want to purchase items like office supplies and software solutions with the same Internet-enabled experience that they use to purchase clothes and household items.

To raise awareness of this challenge, ShopVisible, a SaaS commerce platform provider, released an infographic illustrating why B2B sellers should treat business buyers like the sophisticated consumers that they are.

(Editor's Note: Click on the infographic below to zoom in.)