The Race to a Speedier Checkout with Visa

Sixty-eight percent of shoppers abandon ecommerce checkout pages before purchase according to a report from the Baymard Institute, "Ecommerce Usability: Checkout" from September, 2016.

The reason, as any experienced ecommerce and user experience professional will tell you, is likely the result of the checkout process just being too long and complicated.

Fortunately, there are solutions (and integrations) available - both on the payment processing side and the ecommerce software platform side - which are helping their online users speed through the checkout process faster than ever before.

BigCommerce and Visa, for example, recently announced a new partnership to provide Visa Checkout to BigCommerce merchants. The partnership will make it possible for the over 55,000 retailers (primarily small and mid-market) to set up and accept the payment method on their websites. 

The integration will allow shoppers/consumers (currently more than 28 million) already enrolled in Visa Checkout to use their pre-stored payment details and address information to complete a purchase on BigCommerce stores on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. 

Visa Checkout reduces the number of form fields a shopper must fill out along with reducing login friction through the use of biometric authentication and stay signed-in capabilities, which can help lead to fewer abandoned carts, higher conversions and increased sales for merchants. 

"Visa is thrilled to partner with BigCommerce to bring Visa Checkout to its network of retailers to make digital payments more streamlined than ever before," said Sam Shrauger, Senior Vice President of Digital Products at Visa. "We are constantly looking for partners who also work towards our goal of convenient and secure payments, and BigCommerce's commitment to empowering merchants to accept payments more rapidly is in lockstep with Visa's vision for the future of ecommerce."