The Top 10 Comparison Shopping Engines Compared

Linc Wonham
by Linc Wonham 09 May, 2012

Data feed management and comparison shopping engine (CSE) management firm CPC Strategy has released its quarterly report ranking the top 10 CSEs in a variety of categories.

The 13th overall report rates the shopping engines' performance for the first quarter of 2012.

The data is pulled from 113 CPC Strategy ecommerce clients and analyzes approximately 4.2 million clicks, 82,845 orders, $1.15 million in spend and close to $8 million in revenue that the CSEs drove during Q1.

Visit CPC Strategy for the full report, but below are some of the highlights:

Best Performing CSEs (overall):

1. Google Product Search
2. Nextag
3. Pricegrabber

Best Paid CSEs (overall):

1. Nextag
2. Pricegrabber

Best Converting CSEs:

1. Google Product Search
2. Nextag
3. Pronto

Best Paid COS (spend / revenue) CSEs:

1. Pricegrabber
2. Nextag

Biggest Traffic-driving CSEs:

1. Amazon Product Ads
2. Google Product Search

CPC Strategy, founded by former members of comparison shopping engines, builds, manages and optimizes CSE campaigns for ecommerce merchants.