Turn Pricing Strategies into a Strategic Advantage

Retailers must find new methods to drive profitable growth through better merchandising strategies and pricing decisions. Due to the lack of tools, resources and visibility across their entire business (which is required to significantly move the needle), retailers are under-served - but that's beginning to change.

Retail performance management solution Boomerang Commerce, for example, recently introduced a new version of its Price Performance Management (PPM) application. By combining machine-learning technology with an intuitive interfaced designed specifically for merchant workflows, the system is designed to accelerate revenue and margin growth, save time, and enhance collaboration for omnichannel retailers seeking to perfect their approach to pricing. 

"The chief merchants leveraging Boomerang Commerce's Price Performance Management application tell us it's like having the best and brightest from the industry's top retailers working alongside their teams to guide and mentor them through pricing best practices that drive real results," says Boomerang Commerce CEO Guru Hariharan. "The solution helps large, omni-channel retailers, as well as online retailers, turn their pricing strategies into a strategic advantage that helps them modernize for the future of retail."

Most retailers today still rely on legacy systems that were designed before the notion of ecommerce and omnichannel commerce even existed. As a result, no system is managing and optimizing the customer experience across channels - across stores, Web and mobile touchpoints - very well at all.

Boomerang's PPM solution, however, brings data from these disparate sources together, identifying opportunities and problems and recommending pricing strategies that help merchandisers increase revenue without eroding margin. The system features the latest in machine-learning technology, pricing prediction capabilities, strategic pricing recommendations, alerts and more.