Unleash the Power of In-Image Commerce with Stipple Shopping

With image-based content becoming one of the staple's of a good Web marketing strategy these days, publishers and merchants, alike, have been looking for new ways to monetize their pictures.

The popular image tagging service Stipple has launched a new service that takes image monetization to the next level by allowing customers to make purchases from directly within an image with the Stipple Shopping enhancement. Now, customers can comparison shop and purchase products in-image, which saves consumers from having to discontinue their purchases or conduct laborious tasks like opening another window or re-directing.

By making it possible for shoppers to explore, compare and purchase products on social media sites and elsewhere across the Web, Stipple Shopping allows merchants to offer up a holistic experience that brings "key components of online shopping" into images and in-stream on sites like Twitter, Facebook and other leading online publishers.

Most importantly, though, is that Stipple Shopping will give consumers the chance to explore multiple product views, colors, demo videos and more. Plus, they can look at similar and suggested products and conduct purchase transactions all from within a tagged image.

Brands can leverage Stipple's technology to share "an array of interactive content" in their relevant images. This can include real-time pricing and product information, videos and photos, among many other things. Merchants can also regularly update information by adding new videos that will be updated online everywhere the photo exists.

Stipple Shopping even allows brands to retain full control of the payment process to help make shoppers feel more secure when making purchases.