Visa Checkout Supports Buyers & Sellers in 10 New Countries

Visa is rolling out its Visa Checkout product to additional markets across the world, bringing its total to 16 countries.

Visa Checkout is an online service from Visa that enables shoppers to pay for items quickly (one click) wherever they are - on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. When consumers/shoppers store their shipping and payment information in a secure account with Visa (specifically with Visa Checkout) they don't have to re-enter payment information (at least at merchants accepting Visa Checkout).

Consumers in the 10 newly enabled markets will first be able to use Visa Checkout to buy from merchants in the U.S., Australia and Canada that accept Visa Checkout today and have the ability to process shipping internationally. As the rollout continues this year, select markets will begin to incorporate issuer, merchant, acquirer and channel partnerships to support local commerce with Visa Checkout. Visa will also launch localized Visa Checkout websites for many of these markets.

"Visa Checkout has seen tremendous growth in the U.S., Canada and Australia in just the few months since its launch," said Sam Shrauger, senior vice president of Digital Solutions at Visa. "Consumers and merchants alike love its simplicity and ease, which is particularly important as people shop and buy more frequently on smaller devices like phones and tablets. Building on this positive momentum, we are aggressively carrying the service into new markets across the world throughout 2015 and beyond."