From 'Where to Buy?' to 'Buy Online!'

Retail pricing intelligence provider Channel IQ has announced that its newest product, "Buy Online" will be released early this summer.

The solution is an integration of online retailer product availability within the shopping experience of a manufacturer's website. Consumers are often left with limited choices on where to actually buy product and turn to search engines or shopping sites to help them complete the purchase.

Channel IQ's "Buy Online" solutions will allows manufacturers to direct consumers to an authorized retailer's page, or shopping cart, that has the product in stock and is available for purchase. Consider the offering a more advanced approach to the "where to buy" information on most manufacturers' websites.

"They are doing the best they can with the limited resources they have, but they need to go further" said Jeff Messer, GM of Retail Solutions for Channel IQ. "Often, brands will include retailer icons on a general information page about 'where to buy' their products. Unfortunately that does not help the consumer make a purchase. Consumers don't need to know what retailer sells the brand, they need to know where the specific product is available to buy right now."