Will Wearables Impact Shopping Behavior?

Mobile devices made a significant - some might say dramatic - impact on in-store and online commerce and now wearable technologies (e.g. smartwatches et al) are expected to do the same, at least according to a new study from PowerReviews.

Some of the highlights from the "Mobile, Wearable Tech and Hyper-Relevance: Transforming Consumer Behavior and Retailer Opportunities" study, which explores how mobile and wearables impact consumers shopping behaviors in-store and online include:

+ More than 21% of shoppers welcome new technologies such as smartwatches to help with shopping.
+ Eighty-two percent of shoppers would like technology such as smartwatches to make enhance their shopping experience.
+ Twenty-two percent want retailers to enable one-click payments through a wearable device.
+ A quarter of shoppers would like alerts to long lines in stores.
+ Twenty-eight percent would like reminders of special events, such as birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, when already out shopping.

"In-store and online shopping experiences can no longer be viewed independently. Today's consumers want access to ratings, reviews and other product information whenever and wherever they're making purchase decisions - whether online, via mobile device or in store," said Matt Moog, CEO of PowerReviews. "Technologies like wearables, near-field communication and beacons are creating more ways for retailers to deliver this hyper-relevant and authentic information to shoppers, which will enhance the shopping experience, driving sales and creating passionate brand advocates."