Wishabi Predictive Ecommerce

Some very interesting predictive intelligence technology was announced this week from Wishabi.

The Canadian ecommerce company enables both price and value comparisons of more than three million products using statistical analyis, trending and a pentent-pending deal-rank algorithm. "While consumers love the convenience of online shopping, they also want to get great prices and the best deal available," said Wehuns Tan, CEO of Wishabi, Inc. "With the latest features offered on Wishabi.ca, consumers now have ready access to more complete information to ensure they can make smarter and more confident buying decisions, and get the most value from their purchase."

Predictive intelligence is among several innovative new features launched this week by Wishabi. The company is also introducing:

Value Visualization - provides transparency about a retailer's reputation, return policies, shipping time windows, and whether price-matching is offered. Merchants are evaluated on more than 40 different values, enabling Wishabi's patent-pending deal-vectoring system to give consumers an at-a-glance view of the added value that retailers provide.

Demand-driven Social Shopping - uses aggregate demand information to help consumers follow items they want, and automatically get the best offers targeted to them. Merchants can use Wishabi's demand-driven system to see which products are in demand and create offers to meet that demand.

Cross-Border Analysis - takes into consideration the growing number of deals that can be found south of the Canadian border. Wishabi lets consumers see all costs upfront - including brokerage fees, duties, exchange rates, shipping and customs fees - to ensure any comparisons take into account hidden fees that are typically only revealed once a product arrives at the consumer's front door.