Avoid Google Penguin 2.0 Slowdowns

How will Penguin 2.0 affect your website? How will you measure the impact? If you're like most businesses, you'll check your site's search engine rankings and make assumptions based on where it stands. The team at Fruition thinks there's a better way.


Its Google Penalty Checker tool (registration required) allows website owners to determine if a particular Google update (because Penguin 2.0 won't be the last) had a positive or negative effect on their website. The tool is easy to use, provides immediate results and is free for a limited time.


Fruition reports that the Google Penalty checker, which requires a connection with your Google Analytics account, is fully compliant with Google's Webmaster Guidelines and picks up even the smallest changes in a Google update allowing website owners to determine if they were impacted or not.


Protect your investment, keep up with Google changes and avoid Google penalization by trying the Google Penalty checker.