Backup, Search & Restore Service Comes to Box

Enterprise-grade filing sharing is maturing right before our digital eyes, and third-parties are developing a rather robust ecosystem for the personal cloud content management service for businesses.

This vast ecosystem (diagrammed below) shouldn't come as a surprise, however, as Box announced that its service supports more than 27 million people and 240,000 businesses and companies are racing to get their applications in front of Box users. 

Announced at BoxWorks 2014 earlier this month, eFolder is joining the ranks - offering a new service, dubbed Cloudfinder for Box, that is a dedicated cloud-to-cloud backup, search and restore service for Box. eFolder will offer Cloudfinder for Box for free, with unlimited backup, to all businesses through Jan. 1, 2015. 

The way it works is Cloudfinder for Box provides an encrypted, tamper-proof SafeHaven and second-site location for Box and other critical SaaS data, while also reducing the administrative burden through self-service point-in-time restores, cross-service instant full-text search and automated enforcement of corporate data governance policies.

"The value of business data is priceless," says Marcus Nyman, founder of Cloudfinder and eFolder president. "It is a universally accepted best practice to have a second-location backup of all on-premises corporate data regardless of the robustness and reliability of the underlying storage. For data living in SaaS applications, it is no different. As we have heard from our rapidly growing partner and client base, there is strong demand to add comprehensive backup functionality for even secure and enterprise-proven SaaS applications, such as Box, especially at the economical and insurance-like price point of the Cloudfinder service."