C-Suite Buys Into UX Research

Digital enterprises are increasingly concerned about the experience their websites offer - and for good reason. Any friction within a website visit (slow to load, difficult to navigate, etc.) will send people packing.

For too long, however, many brands didn't have the support to invest in user experience through usability testing, competitive research, surveys and other methods. This year, however, executive support for UX, user research and end-to-end customer experience is rising according to the recently released, "2017 UX and User Research Industry Survey Report" from UserTesting. 

When asked if "user research makes our company more efficient," 81 percent of executives agreed or strongly agreed. When asked if "user research improves the quality of our products/services," 86 percent of execs agreed or strongly agreed. According to UserTesting, buy-in from the C-suite could be one reason for the growing user research budgets consistent over the last four years (36 percent of respondents said their 2016 user research budgets increased moderately or significantly over 2015).

Here's how those budgets are being spent: