Content Marketing Gets BrighterEdge

Brands are increasingly leveraging content marketing for a variety of reasons, but one goal is to engage with customers in more relevant ways. Many companies, however, are failing to measure the impact of that content in terms of how it drives business results and creates - or in some cases, doesn't create - a return on investment (ROI).


At BrightEdge Share13, an industry event for digital marketers, BrightEdge announced a suite of new product offerings that looks to help brands optimize (and capitalize) their marketing performance across channels and devices.


One of the new products introduced was the brainchild of findings from BrightEdge's Mobile Share report. The analysis tracked thousands of brands and 5 billion webpages and highlighted the massive and largely untapped opportunity for brands to convert traffic into revenue by optimizing their Web properties for mobile. Based on these findings, BrightEdge identified the questions that matter most for mobile marketers and developed an entirely new mobile suite to deliver a comprehensive solution.


- Mobile Share of Voice builds on patented BrightEdge technology to quantify how brands engage with consumers and stack up against their competition.


- Mobile Site Audit scrutinizes customer's entire websites to determine best practices and identify missed opportunities for mobile optimization, revealing how brands can restructure their mobile sites to drive conversions.


- Mobile Analytics tools deliver micro- and macro-level insights, providing a detailed yet holistic view of mobile value.


BrightEdge also announced new page reporting capabilities to allow marketers to understand the revenue value of a page, its interactions with social channels and its search performance.