Run for the Digital Hills, It's #Mobilegeddon

Anyone paying attention to the practice of search engine optimization in the last couple months has known that "Mobilegeddon" is coming - April 21, the day in which those without mobile-friendly websites will disappear off the face of the search results planet. 


Well, that's not entirely true. What we know is that Google has stated that starting April 21 (today), it will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This means that users will find more mobile-friendly search results.


Covered in exhaustion here at Website Magazine, readers should know that their sites need to pass Google's mobile-friendly test to not only receive a "mobile friendly" label in the search results, but also to give their sites the best chance at being considered relevant and high quality search results. A premise of SEO, to be considered high quality and relevant increasingly means that a website provides an optimized user experience regardless of device.


Businesses without mobile-friendly websites should be reassured that it's not too late to make the change not only for Google's sake but also for the countless people accessing websites on their mobile devices.