Search Intent Comes to Social

Consumers using Twitter to express their intent to purchase products is nothing new. For the first time, however, brands can identify people who are actively searching for products and services-by location-and target them with personalized content, offers and relevant social ads. This is thanks to the new search capabilities of Topsy's Boolean search.

With Topsy's new Boolean search capabilities, brands can now find and reach in-market consumers in real time and target them directly. For example, in the image below, you can see the number of Tweets with "I want" and either "Xbox One" or "PS4" in it. Brands can use these insights to reach out to these in-market consumers with a unique offer or an ad or simply start up a conversation, as well as to see the popularity in competing products.

Topsy's new Boolean search capabilities also allow brands to:

- Create highly relevant, targeted ads. Brands can use the new feature to create lists of consumers who are actively looking for products and services and target them with relevant Twitter ads and offers.

- Find local prospects. Brands can use Topsy's new geo-location features in conjunction with a Boolean search to find in-market consumers in a particular area.

Image Notes:

6/24/2013 - There were 448 Tweets containing "I want" AND "PS4" 

6/30/2013 - There were 137 Tweets containing "I want" AND "PS4"

7/6/2013 - There were 51 Tweets containing "I want" AND "XBox One"

7/14/2013 - There were 47 Tweets containing "I want" AND "XBox One"