20+ Must-Follow Twitter Feeds for Every 'Net Professional

The great thing about Twitter is that its newsfeed is constantly updating, which means one minute you could be viewing 15 tweets about the interception that happened during a football game, while the next minute you could see a few promotions for some of your favorite stores.

In fact, Twitter's fast pace has made it more than just a social network. Not only has it become one of the top sources for breaking news on the Web, but it is also a goldmine for content marketers. Moreover, business professionals can use the social network to keep an eye on their competition and stay up-to-date with industry best practices and trends. Some of the biggest names on the Web maintain a strong presence on Twitter, and by following the right profiles, professionals stand to gain inspiration and insights that can help in the journey to Web success. Check out more than 20 must-follow Twitter feeds for every 'Net professional below:

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