Facebook Goes Offline for Better Ads & More Conversions

It can be incredibly difficult to measure conversion events in a non-digital space when those events are initially triggered online, but that's beginning to change. 

Facebook this week unveiled an Offline Conversion solution that will enable businesses to connect their CRM, point-of-sale (POS) or call center system to their Lead Ads campaigns, providing marketers with greater attribution data and insight to what is actually driving transactions (or any non-digital outcome such as a visit to a physical store). 

The Offline Conversion solution will enable marketers to better understand if their Facebook ads are driving results, for example, providing an opportunity to adjust their campaigns on actual downstream metrics that matter to their business. Advertisers will also be able to target their highest value customers from the prior month using Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences, and exclude in-store purchasers to find new local prospects.

Facebook is offering up three different ways for advertisers to connect their CRM data with the Offline Conversion solution including a new native offline event manager, through CRM's including Salesforce, Marketo and others (as well as an integration with Zapier), and the Offline Conversion API.