Add Social Polls to Your Site

If you are looking for a way to add interactive content to your site, look no further than engaging quiz platform Qzzr.

Not only can content marketers leverage Qzzr to create interactive quizzes for their audience, but now the company has released a new standalone product dubbed Pollcaster. With Pollcaster, content marketers can create and embed immersive social polls on their website.

The launch of Pollcaster comes one year after the launch of Qzzr, which has built a large customer base in its short time on the market, including big-name brands and publishers like Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Yelp, Reddit and NBC.

"During the past year, we've been honored to work with many of the best content people out there," said Josh Little, founder of Qzzr and now Pollcaster. "They've been asking us to create a polling tool with the same magic as Qzzr, and we've listened. Pollcaster is built to drive more meaningful engagement than any other poll tool."

Pollcaster's availability comes after a successful closed beta launch to some of Qzzr's top customers. According to the company, beta participants saw positive results from a variety of polls on topics ranging from the queen of pop to overhyped food.

"Last year, we announced $2 million in seed funding and received recognition as the best new startup launched in Utah in 2014," said Owen Fuller, chief evangelist at Qzzr and Pollcaster. "Thanks to the power of quizzes and polls combined, 2015 is on track to be an even more exciting ride."

It is also important to note that Pollcaster enables users to create mobile-first, responsive polls. Plus, polls can be created in minutes and posted anywhere on the Web, with users being able to track results via analytics that can be broken down by region, age and gender.