AddThis Adds Social Sign In

AddThis is the latest company to join in the fight against Password Fatigue.


The social sharing platform has announced the integration of Social Sign In to its suite of social plug-ins, which enables users to log in to a website using their existing social profiles from three of the Web's largest social networks - Google, Facebook and Twitter. 


The new feature offers site owners the option to host the technology on their own sites, giving them access to customer information and databases. This means that Social Sign In is not only valuable for consumers, who can easily login to a new website without creating a new user profile, but it also allows publishers to take advantage of the data that is connected to consumers' social identities. Additional benefits of offering social login include improved consumer engagement metrics and increased time spent on-site.


"Consumers increasingly want personalized content experiences but resist the inefficiencies and hassle of unique registrations at each site they visit. Social Sign In gives consumers a more interactive connection to the site while providing publishers with accurate authentication and demographic data," says Charlie Reverte, Head of Publisher Products at AddThis. "Our goal is to use social infrastructure to strengthen the consumer-publisher connection by speeding up registration and sign-in with a secure, privacy-assured process."


AddThis says the new feature will be available on more than 14 million domains, and will support 1.3 billion-plus users monthly.