Amazon Associates Now Integrates With Twitter

Several days ago we wrote about the Amazitter app. The iPhone application lets you browse Amazon products and then post them directly to Twitter from your mobile, while including your Amazon affiliate ID. So, if someone from Twitter clicked on your link and bought the product, you get paid.

Now, Amazon has released their own Twitter integration, direct from your Associates account. It's pretty simple. Log in to your Associates account, find a product, click through to the product description, then click the "Share on Twitter" button (above) from the Site Stripe. You will be directed to Twitter where you enter your login info, then a short link will appear with a product description. You can customize the description. Just like Amazitter, any clicks and earnings go through your Associates account.

This is welcome news to Associates and, of course, to Amazon. Maybe not so much for the Amazitter developers. They do still have a leg up on the mobile part of it all - it's incredibly fast and easy to use the app. Now we'll see if Amazon works on an Associates app of their own.