Amazon's Influencer Program Live for YouTube Stars

YouTube made everyday people famous and Amazon is ready to capitalize on their platform for pushing its marketplace products.

Back in April it was revealed that Amazon launched a beta program that would allow influencers to receive and share a custom URL to introduce followers to products and earn fees for purchases they drive through their social media platforms. This week, Amazon announced the program is officially live - sending the following email:

When recipients click through the email, they are able to apply for the program. As of now, it seems that a person's YouTube following is the main criteria for being selected. 
Yogin Patel, the CEO and founder of YPSocial, provided  Website Magazine readers with the following commentary about the program, which will prove to be useful for ecommerce retailers, social media managers and influencers as they try to navigate the program:

"I believe that Amazon is taking the right step for their company to get a piece of the pie from the booming economy created by social media influencers," said Patel. "Influencers are constantly promoting products on their social media -- paid or not. However, followers want to genuinely know what the influencer likes and doesn't. What Amazon has done is essentially give the influencer the ability to create a list of products they use and love, and share that with their followers. A woman who follows an influencer in the beauty category wants to know exactly what products the influencer is using to achieve a certain look. With this Influencer Program, now that woman would be able to see every product that the influencer is using/endorsing at any time.

"The business model is great. Influencers who are paid to promote a brand could technically promote that brand's product through Amazon. Amazon will make a profit, the brand will make a profit, and the influencer will make a profit. This is why it's such a brilliant move by Amazon. They are trying to squeeze themselves in this cycle.

"As far as the criteria is concerned, it's good that there is a vetting process and not any one can join their Influencer program. Apparently, they are only taking in large influencers at this time and they must have a YouTube channel. I hope they will change this soon as many influencers have built their following through Instagram and other platforms, but haven't ventured off to create a presence on YouTube. However, YouTube is the home to the largest influencers and home to largest brand deals to date, so it makes sense why Amazon has chosen to focus on YouTube first."

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