App Watch: Making Sense of Social Media Intelligence with Unmetric

Social media intelligence platform Unmetric has launched a mobile app that enables marketers to monitor their competitors in real time.


The new Sense app, available for both iOS and Android, provides a stream of campaign images, videos and hashtags produced by Unmetric's database of more than 35,000 brands, easing the challenges of monitoring competitors social media activity. The app pulls data from networks including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and will reportedly add YouTube over the next few months.


"Customers and competitors are the two things every marketer constantly thinks about," said Lux Narayan, CEO of Unmetric. "While there are market research and applications like Survey Monkey for customer intel, there is nothing simple for competitive intelligence. We created Sense to fill this unmet need and to be the easiest way for any marketer - from digital strategists to CMOs - to stay abreast of competition anytime, anywhere."


Unmetric is releasing Sense exclusively to its existing clients (those with Pro, Pro+, Premium and Agency accounts) for now, but indicated that it will make the app publicly available through the Apple and Google app stores through special invites in the feature.