Audience Expansion Tool for Facebook Ads

Facebook is fast becoming the go-to platform for display advertisers and, as a result, there is quite a bit in the way of innovation emerging from third-parties. The latest comes from audience data provider Its Facebook ad testing and management platform has released optimalKeyword, an audience "expansion" tool.

Powered by's SocialPredict affinity-matching engine, which boasts an edge graph of over 2.4 billion modeled social data connections, the pay-as-you-go data service is positioned to help advertisers interested in gathering market intelligence and building out audience targets based on actual social media data.

The platform was available previously to those using the Facebook advertising system, but the service is now available at Users will be able to profile their own and their competitors' social audiences and see top-level demographics and discover related interests. By combining information on the most resonant topics with the ad management platform's dynamic keyword insertion functionality, brings the possibility of ROI from social media advertising at least a little bit closer.

"Facebook has rapidly become the largest data-rich advertising environment -- both online and off -- and the tools available to help advertisers make informed decisions have lagged behind,"
says Rob Leathern, founder and CEO of "That's why we're confident that a wide variety of marketers will love the optimalKeyword product, powered by our SocialPredict engine."