Automate Video Feeds to Your Facebook Wall

Facebook and Twitter are currently waging war in the "update" arena. But one distinct advantage Facebook has over Twitter is the ability to embed multimedia directly into status updates without requiring the user to click a link and be directed elsewhere.

Now, you can fully automate a video feed to be uploaded to your wall. Ffwd's new tool lets you choose a channel (from Brightcove or YouTube) to publish to your videos automatically, whenever that video is included in the selected channel. So, if you publish a series of how-to videos, video blog, or just about anything else, you can be sure that each video is available to your Facebook friends. Video and social media are made for each other, and this is yet another way to give users a fuller experience with your brand.

Try marking videos as "favorites" on your YouTube channel, then marking your ffwd settings to publish your "favorites." That way, videos will be included in your feed - viewable to your friends on their home pages.