Viral Content Ideas for Valentine's Day

The mother of all Hallmark holidays is soon approaching - Valentine's Day. And users are hitting the Web in droves to seek information. Google Trends shows that search volume started soaring as of Feb. 1 and it will continue to surge right up until Feb. 14. But the proceeds are not just limited to retailers of chocolate and flowers. There are plenty of opportunities for content producers to take advantage.

We've done a little research to discover the buzz on Valentine's Day through, to help give you some idea as to what consumers are talking about and looking for during the next two weeks. Take a look below and think of some ways you can craft content to catch the wave, and get some keyword ideas.

Hot topics from about a year ago - those with staying power:

Man proposes via LoLCat, 4,760 Diggs, 356 days ago: The Internet phenomenon of LOL Cats is the setting, made famous by This highlights humor for the holiday and unique proposal ideas. Good for humor sites and possibly even local or tourism sites (unique places/ways in your region to propose). Ruined Valentines Day ... again. WHAT DO I DO??, 1,347 Diggs, 1 year, 350 days ago: This story discusses an order through the flower merchant online that never showed up, resulting in a break-up and a $70 loss. Some people take Valentine's Day very seriously. If you're selling related items, ensure guaranteed delivery, a money-back policy and order status updates to ease the mind and ensure a good experience. For content, think about researching companies with excellent customer satisfaction and telling your readers about them.

7 geeky gifts your girl will love this Valentine's Day, 1,177 Diggs, 1 year, 358 days ago: As you can probably tell by the title, this story covers the not-so-obvious gifts. Think niche - what, in your industry, would make a unique gift for your audience and their loved ones? Just because you don't sell it, doesn't mean you can't write about it and take advantage of the interest.

14 Horrible Moments in Valentine's Day History, 789 Diggs, 1 year ago: This story discusses horrific times in the history of Valentine's Day, including the Al Capone-led St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The angle here is historical or human-interest stories about the holiday.

Recent topics - what's hot now:

Top 10 Absolute Worst Valentine's Day Gifts Ever, 90 Diggs, 6 hours, 27 minutes ago: There are plenty of "dont's" during Valentine's Day, and this is a hot topic. One of my favorite viral appliances, BlendTec Blenders, would be a nice fit for this one - "don't buy our product today!" It may seem counter-productive, but what if you offered a discount on a non-Valentine's Day gift on Feb. 15? Ask for their email and send a coupon the next day.

15 Ways to Ruin Valentine's Day, 111 Diggs, 4 days ago: Noticing a trend here? Maybe it's the tough economy, or maybe it's the harsh winter, but anti-Valentine's day seems to be a theme. This is a good opportunity to create some content about Valentine's Day alternatives. Maybe something like an all-men's or all-women's outing or offer. And numbered lists are always an attention grabber.

SpeedDate iPhone app makes love search faster, 67 Diggs, 1 day, 20 hours ago: Of course, we are in the Web business, so what about a little tech this Valentine's Day? And this holiday doesn't only attract couples. Anything Web-related to the single crowd is a good idea. Stories on online dating best practices, special deals for dating sites or simply fun, tech-driven Valentine's themes are good, like e-cards, screensavers, ringtones, etc.

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day (During a Recession), 5 Diggs, 2 hours, 27 minutes ago: A story about a recession-proof Valentine's. Clearly, this will be a hot topic this year. Perhaps your company or industry has some ways to help people save money this year. It could be anything from restaurant or travel coupons to supplies for making your own gifts, even a video tutorial ('How to Make an Origami Heart' has 88 Diggs.)