Converting Social Media Leads on Instagram

Lena Speir
by Lena Speir 16 Jan, 2023

You've created social media accounts for your business, and now you're wondering why sales haven't increased. So, how do you convert social media leads into customers? Keep reading! The answer to this question is right below!


Is Instagram Right for your Business?  

Currently, 600 million people are monthly active users on Instagram. This number exceeds Twitter, Snapchat, and Linkedin MAUs. Not long ago, a Forrester study revealed that Instagram has ten times as much engagement as Facebook. 

However, Instagram may not be the best option for your business. 55% of all Instagram users are 18 to 29 years of age and 28% of users are 30 to 49 years old. If your target audience is over the age of 50, Instagram may not be the right platform for your business. 

Remember to ask these questions before choosing a social media platform:

1) Can I reach my target audience on this platform?
2) When is my target audience usually active?

Make the Most of Instagram 

One valuable way to increase your followers, promote events or contests, and grow your sales is to use paid shoutouts. 

To make the most of your paid shoutouts, consider doing the following:

+ Use Ink31, Simply Measured, or Iconosquare to discover the right posting time.
+ Don't buy a paid shoutout for more than 24 hours. This is because engagements decrease after this time period. 
+ Do not buy from accounts that run numerous shoutouts on the regular, because these accounts are swamped with audiences.
+ Make sure the influencer posts as planned.
+ Ask to be the last post of the day so that your business can get more exposure. 

Another effective way to gain followers and sales is by a share for share. A share for share, or S4S, is basically a free version of paid shoutouts. S4S entails you posting another accounts content on your social media profile and them doing the same for you. 

To create S4S advertising use the following tips:

+ Look for similar accounts that would have comparable audiences.
+ Reach out to these accounts through a direct message and request a S4S.
+ If the account agrees to a S4S choose a post for the other party that also targets your audience. 
+ Share the post and the other account will do the same. 

"Content Strategy" is King
Your image and video posts can make or break the relationship with your audience. Generating effective content can create trust, entertainment, education, and inspiration for your target audience.  

So now what you have been waiting for- let's convert fans into customers! First, your business needs a clear plan on how to educate your audience about your products or services. An efficient Instagram content strategy should contain themes for the particular month, an editorial calendar, and ready-to-go images and captions. Continuing, your premade posts should contain captions and hashtags that go along with the content of your photo or video. It is also important to know when and how often you are going to post. 

Increase Productivity
Does your business often aimlessly scroll through Instagram? If so, you most likely have a productivity issue. To increase productivity, you should take around 15 minutes at the beginning and the end of the day to engage. Engaging can mean responding to questions, commenting on posts, and even monitoring mentions. As mentioned above, it is extremely important to plan your posts ahead of time. This will help you stay organized and ontrack keeping your audience engaged and keeping your followers away from stagnation. 

Look at the Data
Do you know which of your social media networks achieves the highest number of leads? Most likely you do not. Therefore, data is necessary to direct and guide your social media actions. So, where can you find this data? You can find it through Google Analytics or Facebook Insights.Data can take your social media from good to great, so begin checking it regularly. 

Let Us See a Clear Benefit.
Your followers don't want to only see your products or service. They also want to see an experience! If you fail to show your benefits, your competition will win those followers over. What is an experience you ask? I'll give you an example. Say a business sells vitamins that are proven to increase your overall health. Your audience doesn't just want to see pictures of the product; they want to see how these vitamins will improve their health and life. How do you show an experience through an Instagram post? One way to do this is through stories about your past and present customers. Make your audience want to purchase the benefits. 

Keep Up With Your Competitors
Don't forget to measure the performance of your competitors' posts. You need to see what your competitors are doing better than you and try to make your posts event better than that. Over time, some of your audience will begin to convert and engage more on your postings. 

Use Temptation.
You are going to have to persuade your followers to become loyal customers. One way to do this is by utilizing the story tool. Your business can post promotions and giveaways on the story, along with exclusive content. The customers will become engaged and wish to return to your social media over and over to check for the tempting content. Small temptations can lead into better connections and increased connections. 
About the Author: Lena Speir is a Social Media Community Manager at Sociallyin.