How to Create Facebook Ads that Convert

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media site. With more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, it is the center of all virtual activity.

The platform also boasts immense opportunities for brands to conduct inbound marketing. Regardless of the business niche, the benefits of advertising on Facebook can cater to every strategy and goal.

But despite being an ideal platform for advertising, not every ad on Facebook gets the number of conversions necessary to make it profitable. As a result, many companies lose money on their campaign and give up altogether.

The question is, how do you create ads that stand out AND drive more conversions? It ultimately requires several factors to work together to make your Facebook ads campaign a successful one.

Let's get you some tried and true tactics that will surely make your ad successful.


Writing a Facebook Ads Headline That Converts


The headline tells your audience why they should click on your ad. If your headline is not powerful enough, the users will fail to feel any motivation for clicking.

A good rule of thumb is to address the user's pain point when crafting the headline. You should also convince them of their benefit from clicking your ad through the title.

For example, you can try writing a question that your audience wants to answer or simply presenting them with a common problem. If your headline isn't arousing emotions, you need to reshape it. It needs to be simple, catchy, and edgy!

For instance, check this headline from The Farmer's Dog:


The Farmers Dog Facebook Ad


In this ad, the main points are brilliantly highlighted; fresh dog food and hassle-free delivery - what else do you need? If you have a pet you love, you will not want to miss this offer.

Check out another ad from Albriton's Jewelry, Inc:


Jewelers Facebook Ad


The statement "This Valentine's Day, find the perfect engagement ring for her" is direct and straight to the point. The headline is well-personalized, targeting men planning a unique Valentine's day for their loved ones. It addresses the main pain point of the audience.

If you are planning such an event, wouldn't you click on the ad to see what Albriton's Jewelry has to offer?


Using Images That Stand Out on Facebook


Did you know that approximately 90% of your ad's success depends on the image you use? A picture is worth a thousand words, which works with the visitor.

The first and foremost thing is to keep the photo you use relevant to the ad. You don't want it to look like you just grabbed a picture from a competing ad or a Google search result page and threw it into your Facebook.

Your image should be attractive and punchy. Rather than a dull picture, go for bright ones to denote energy and garner more attention.

For instance, check this ad from Smart Health Bay:




What would you do if you came across these delicious edibles while scrolling your Facebook Timeline? Of course, most (if not all) would stop browsing to enjoy these delicacies! Why? Because these food pictures give you a virtual taste of the available items on the menu.

But the problem for many marketers is that such high-quality images require a large budget, editing experts, and of course, professional photographers. Unfortunately, not all businesses can afford that.

In that case, your best bet would be to utilize websites that offer high-quality stock images. These pictures are available in various categories that align with almost every business. And the best thing is: you own the right to use the images forever without worrying about subscriptions.


Writing Facebook Ads With a Personal Touch


Personalizing your ads for the targeted audience is ideal for making them unique. When the ads are created specifically for the targeted audience, you will appeal to their emotions. As a result, you will gain more leads and possible conversions.

For instance, if you are selling wellness products, don't just say, "Improve Gut Health, Feel Great!" Instead, try something like "My gut health & autoimmunity story - how I balanced my gut health in just ten weeks! And all it took was..."

By using this tactic, you would have a personalized ad with the personal experience or story of how you improved your health, what type of food you ate, and so on. Personalization always works! This headline will convert the target audience because it provides security to people with the same goals.

This tactic can sell cars, employment portals, or even travel agencies! The idea is to hook your audience's feelings without seeming too sales-y. Doing so will help you in conversions!


Testing Various Facebook Ads Creatives


When creating ecommerce Facebook ads, test various ad creatives to understand which gets the highest CTR. Thorough testing will help you know what works and what does not for your targeted audience.

You can test different ad layouts by splitting the campaign into multiple groups. Create 3-5 different ads for each targeted group and then monitor which ones convert better.

The idea is to have a well-defined product line and create different ads for your target audiences. Then, the ad that performs better will be the one you'll use for the rest of the targeted audience.

For instance, check this ad tactic from Uber:


Uber Facebook Ads


In Uber's personalized tactic, we see three different ads, headlines, and images. Still, the primary purpose is to persuade the audience to use their app. Uber utilizes this tactic to target different people who might have different reasons to use their app.


Add a Bit of Facebook Ads Humor


Everyone loves a good laugh! So, why not use it to your advantage and make them smile and click!

There are various ways of incorporating humor in your ad copy. However, it is always advisable to tone down the humor for business products and services.

And when you do use humor in your ad copy, make sure it is in line with the product or service you are advertising.

For instance, check this ad from Pet Creations Art:


Pet Creations Facebook Ad


Isn't that cute and funny? Wouldn't you want to create such cartoon illustrations if you have a pet? Probably, so!

Hence, the ad is perfectly curated for pet owners.

The idea is: People want results. They want to be entertained, have a good laugh, and want something that is just not another advertisement!




It is necessary to say that it can be a little tricky to successfully create Facebook ad campaigns that convert, especially when multiple competitors are competing for the same audience.

But as long as you are using the tactics mentioned above, it will be possible for you to hit the bulls-eye every time. You will indeed create your own set of simple, direct, and personalized Facebook ads that convert without wasting too much money and effort.

Remember: Facebook Ads are powerful tools to market your brand online. So get ready with your creative hat and test various ad creatives if you want people to click on your ads. The more you experiment with the different techniques, the more you'll learn what works and what doesn't. And in no time, your business will be a success because of Facebook ads!