Deeper Social Insights (INFOGRAPHIC)

Brands tend to spend a lot of time and resources developing their social campaigns, despite the fact that other channels, like email, still drive more traffic than social networks.


Maintaining a social presence is still valuable, as it helps to increase a brand's visibility and can be leveraged to gain consumer insights. Some social analytics solutions can even scan websites for social data that is so robust it can be used to help brand's optimize other initiatives, like content creation or promotional campaigns.


Visible Technologies, for example, recently released an infographic that shows insights into social conversations revolving around the keywords 'food' and 'workout'. The company's technology monitored more than 500,000 conversations around the Web over a three month span and found that some of the most popular topics among health and wellness discussions are 'Monsanto' and 'Personal Trainers'. In addition, Visible Technologies revealed the sentiment behind these discussions as well as other health insights, like the most frequently mentioned mobile wellness apps.


An owner of a workout facility, for instance, could leverage this data to produce a blog post relevant to a popular topic like Monsanto or to launch a gym special for classes with a personal trainer. Plus, since the Visible platform provides such detailed data, the gym owner can also see that most 'Monsanto' discussions happen on Facebook, and that these conversations are typically protest statements or people speaking out about the company. Because of this information, the gym owner not only knows what angle to take when composing a Monsanto article (perhaps "5 Problems with Monsanto"), but also which social network to focus on when distributing the content.


This granular data is what the Visible platform is all about. In fact, the platform's insights can be leveraged for a variety of business projects, including competitive analysis, market research, crisis identification, marketing measurement, influencer marketing, customer support and lead generation.

"Our solution is about business impact," said Visible Technologies' CEO Rich Pasewark. "It's wonderful to know where things are trending on Twitter, but it's more important to know what those trends signify for a brand and what decisions can be made about spending, marketing or communications to support business goals."


It is important to note that Visible serves a diverse client base, from financial services to the retail industry. Pasewark also states that the platform has been helpful for global brands, which can leverage the technology to analyze how local audiences are responding to content, products and even advertisements. Visible collects social content from hundreds of millions of sites around the Web every day, reaching beyond popular networks like Facebook and Twitter to take a deeper look at social conversations and gage sentiment around specific topics. All of this data is being used to help companies not only make better business decisions, but also execute these decisions quickly.

"The richness of the data and the speed at which we can derive insights to make recommendations is what clients are really counting on us for," said Pasewark.


Learn more about the type of social data Visible can uncover by checking out the infographic below: