E-mail with Social Features Boosts Click-through Rates

Over the past several months, many industry voices are surmising that social media messaging could one day replace e-mail. While that might seem far-fetched, recent research* from e-mail marketing company GetResponse shows that social networking and e-mail are most definitely cross-pollinating.


The study, "Email Marketing and Social Media Integration Report," shows that e-mail marketing messages with a social sharing option generate 30 percent higher click-through rates than e-mail without those features. What's more, when three or more sharing options are offered, the click-through rate is 55 percent higher, and a Twitter sharing option resulted in 40 percent higher click-through rates -- than those messages without sharing features.


Other findings of the study:


  • 60% of all social e-mails included just one sharing icon.

  • Only 11.2% of social e-mails included three icons or more.

  • Twitter was the most popular social sharing option, included in 67.2% of all social e-mails. Facebook came in second at 62.7%.

  • E-mails shared on Twitter resulted in CTRs of 10.2% -- over 40% higher than messages not linked to any social media.

  • Nearly 19% of SMB marketers used the Twitter integration feature at least once. Just 13.5% included social sharing options.

  • SMB marketers used Twitter social media integration twice as much as social sharing links.

*GetResponse analyzed data from approximately 500 million e-mails sent by 19,149 GetResponse users.


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