eBay Launches Socially Conscious Store

eBay's latest venture is WorldofGood.com. This site sells - at fixed prices - socially conscious products, ranging from art and clothing to food and music instruments. They can be products produced by fair trade, or recycled material. The products are classified as either People Positive, Eco Positive, Animal Friendly or Supports a Cause (at right.) You can sort your products this way, or simply shop for products and you will see in which category it falls.

Click on a product and you can read about the manufacturer/producer, how they benefit from a purchase, what cause is supported or what recycled materials were used. The seller also has a feedback rating, similar to eBay. Sellers can list products for sale, while eBay takes a comission.

According to the Natural Marketing Institue, the U.S. market for these types of goods was $209 billion in 2005, and the group projects that will rise to $420 billion in 2010. As more users take responsibility for their shopping habits, eBay will look to profit. And it's not a bad idea for you etailers out there to take notice and consider some sort of socially conscious options for your own website.