Extinguish PR Firestorms with Social Tool

What does your company do when its social media mentions go from 4,000 mentions per week to 36,000? Does it take its social media manager out for lunch? This was the fluctuation Lululemon, a brand of workout clothes, saw after its recent product recall announcement, according to Topsy analysis. Lululemon's sharp drop in sentiment around the brand, however, was certainly not cause for celebrating. But what can be done in the middle of a digital PR firestorm?

Topsy, an instant social insight platform, recently launched new functionality that lets users react in seconds to emerging PR crises, find and promote the most viral content and identify and engage with local customers. These capabilities can be useful for situations such as Lululemon's to monitor negative Tweets, analyze how much traction a crisis is getting and then immediately engage and reply directly to influencers to mitigate impact. 

Topsy Pro already allows users to spot trends, track sentiment and identify key influencers relevant to their business. This new features will allow users to also reply, retweet or favorite key Tweets surfaced in an analysis.