Facebook Gets Trendy

Facebook has launched a new feature called "Trending," which aims to keep its members informed with the most popular conversations on the social network.


The feature is set to appear at the right side of a user's News Feed. According to Facebook, the trend list will be personalized based on the things that users are interested in as well as subjects that are trending across the social network. Each trending topic is also paired with a headline that explains why the topic is trending. Plus, the headlines are clickable, so that users can view more posts that refer to the particular topic from both their friends and Pages that they follow.



This feature could benefit brands who publish content related to trending topics, as their posts will likely be featured when users click on the trending headlines. It is important to note, however, that the feature isn't available to everyone just yet. According to Facebook, Trending is currently being rolled out on the Web in select countries and it is also being tested on mobile.