Find Shareable Sentences to Tweet Better

One of the hardest things about sharing your content with the Internet via social media is trying to find the perfect way to distill all of your content into a single, sharable phrase.

This problem is especially pronounced on Twitter, where users are confined to a 140-character limit, making it even more difficult to capture the essence of a long-form piece of content into something enticing and engaging for other users.

However, that may become an issue that is SO 2012 thanks to SavePublishing, a new free bookmarklet tool that will find "tweetable sentences" on any Web page. Content publishers can then use this to fine the most share-worthy pearls of wisdom in their content, and then select one of those to include in a tweet, along with a link to the page.

To use SavePublishing, simply drag the code into your bookmarks bar (you can find that here), and click on the "link" whenever you're page of content is ready to be shared. Shareable sentences will appear in red, and for users already logged into Twitter on the browser, clicking on them will bring up a box with a pre-composed tweet. Then they just have to click the "Tweet" button and it's sent!

SavePublishing works in Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers, and exists as an open source project on GitHub. The tool does not use cookies, and while it may track usage, it doesn't take any personal information from its users.