Getting Event Filters on Snapchat

Snapchat has one of the most engaged audiences of any social network, so many savvy brands are expanding their event marketing efforts to the app through on-demand geofilters.


When a user goes to take a photo, they swipe up in order to access filters that can be added to their images and then shared with select friends or on their "story" (essentially a newsfeed). When on-demand geofilters are purchased by an advertiser, their design can be added to the photo. Snapchat says that these filters can be used for both personal and business use like at a wedding or a conference or festival, respectively.


Here's an example from Expensify where we took a picture of the in-room dining menu and added the filter that was available for those at SuiteWorld16:



On-demand geofilters are gaining in popularity but they are still new enough (as is Snapchat in general) that early adopters can really make a name for themselves at conferences. As Snapchat grows, it's not out of the realm of possibility that these filters can work similar to how hashtags do at conferences (if not replace them) - as attendees follow along and add to the conversation. Snapchat could compile snaps containing these filters into one place. To create an on-demand geofilter, businesses will need to design it based on Snapchat's requirements, upload it for Snapchat, set parameters (time and location) and buy it. 


For those not familiar with Snapchat, it should be noted that the network does more than what is mentioned here, of course, even providing Wi-Fi based calling (video and audio) and chatting too - replacing for some younger generations a phone bill as long as they have a connection (akin to streaming services like Netflix replacing cable).