Google Drops in Social Login Popularity

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 15 Apr, 2015

With so many websites asking for consumers to log in, remembering each username and password can be troublesome, often ending in consumers having to reset their password because they cannot remember.


To help solve the problem of password fatigue many brands have opted to use social login, enabling consumers to log in with their Janrain has recently released their latest report, dubbed "Social Login Trends Across the Web: Q1 2015," which details various statistics surrounding consumers social login use.


While the report details a variety of interesting metrics surrounding social login, perhaps few are more noteworthy than the fact that Facebook regained some ground that it had lost in Q4 2014. With a 2 percent rise from Q4, Facebook is now sitting at 45 percent of all social logins while Google, who holds the second place spot, fell 3 percent to 37 percent. Another interesting statistic from the report is while LinkedIn saw a gain during Q4 2014 across B2B websites, the social network saw a 10 percent drop in Q1 2015 to 25 percent placing it well behind Facebook and Google in the vertical.



Other noteworthy statistics from the report include a 9 percent rise for Facebook among social logins for consumer brands while Google saw a 9 percent decrease as well as Google's rise in the music vertical for the second quarter in a row.