Having Trouble Identifying Your Social ROI? You're (Still) Not Alone

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 26 Jun, 2015

Simply Measured, a social analytics platform, has released its State of Social Marketing 2015 Report to provide insights on this topic. 

The report details the role of social marketing within companies, challenges marketers face when utilizing social marketing and an update on how brands are using social platforms to expand their marketing reach. While there are a number of interesting findings in the report, one that stands out is social media marketing will account for 22.5 percent of marketers' total budgets by 2020. What's more, when asked to identify the most difficult challenge associate with social media marketing, 60 percent of respondent identified proving a return on investment (ROI) as their greatest challenge.

Other interesting findings from the report include the fact that YouTube is used by 100 percent of the top brands in the world as well as a majority of companies (65 percent) report only using the analytics natively found in their social networks to analyze their social media efforts.