Here's to a More Social 2014 Holiday

The holidays may be a time for socializing, but last year not all ecommerce brands mingled where it counted - the top social media networks. 

According to a quick report from StatSocial (infographic below), a social analytics platform, the social chatter around last year's Black Friday blew Cyber Monday out of the virutal water. Last year, there were 1.6 million tweets around Black Friday, compared to just 486,000 tweets about Cyber Monday 2013. Men tended to also tweet more about Black Friday than they did Cyber Monday last year.  

Regardless, the 25-34 age group generated the most holiday shopping conversations on Twitter, for both Cyber Monday and Black Friday. So what does that mean for this year?

Ecommerce brands will not only need to use Twitter to promote their Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, but also encourage users to do the same. This year, for example, Abercrombie & Fitch, has a healthy dose of Black Friday-related Tweets (see image), while most brands have yet to turn their social attention to Cyber Monday.

One way brands can increase engagement this year is to ask their audience to tweet them their Black Friday or Cyber Monday "steals," like Nordstrom did over the summer with its anniversary sale by promoting the hashtag #NSALE.