How to Prevent the Hacking of your Instagram Account

Norman Nielson
by Norman Nielson 07 Feb, 2016

There is no doubt that business owners associated with industries like fashion, food or fitness utilize social media platforms like Instagram for promoting their brands. However, not every Instagram account holder always experiences a smooth journey on the social networking site, because popular accounts are very vulnerable to being hacked by cyber crooks.

If you are new on the social networking site, then getting hacked would definitely be a bad experience for you. However, if you think that your account is not followed by sufficient number of crowd and it has not become popular yet, then the chances of being hacked are far less. On the other hand, if you have generated a huge number of followers then you must adopt some extra security measures. In this article, we will talk about how you can keep your Instagram account safe from the hackers.

Why You Should Keep Your Instagram Account Safe

Just looking for new ways to get Instagram followers is not enough. If you are an account holder of any social networking site, then protecting your account from any unauthorized access should be your first priority. An illegal access or theft of account can be a huge blow to your brand's bottom line as consumers will not trust your company to keep their information safe.

Ways to Secure Your Instagram Account

You should be aware that the hackers are not magicians. Rather, they just take advantage of our mistakes and wrong doings. You will be happy to know that by taking some precautions and handling the account carefully, it is possible to prevent hacking. Take a look at a few effective steps to keep the hackers away from your Instagram account.

Never Keep a Weak Password

An easy and common password can be a convenient way for the hacker to invade in your account. You should know that a strong or complex password could be the first line of defense of your Instagram account. Avoid using common passwords such as your name, the name of your city, your pet, 123456 etc. Use an uncommon password that is difficult to guess and go one step further in the process.

Use Password Manager Application

In order to make your password more secure and untraceable, you can use password management application. Such applications will help you create a strong password for your Instagram account. The application will inform you about any password changes and help you trace out your previous passwords.

Log Out From All Shared Devices

In your attempt to access Instagram from other devices and networks, like your home PC or mobile and cyber café, you often forget to log off your account and that provides a way for crooks to hack your account. Thus, whenever logging through a different device, you should not forget to log it out.

Do Not Share Your Personal Information

Personal information such as phone number, home or office address, pet name should not be shared with your Instagram account or any other sites open to the public. Moreover, you should restrain yourself from posting too much of personal data on your profile, because the hackers can misuse such information.

Avoid Visiting Suggested Links on Instagram

Suggested URLs can steal your login credentials because some of these URLs come with malware that is designed by the hackers. However, if you really want to visit those suggested links, you should use compatible apps that can conduct the content verification of those suggested sources.

Instagram offers privacy setting option through which you can restrict all your private data from being published on the site. Thus, by taking a few security measures and precautions, you can keep your Instagram account safe from cyber crooks.

Author Bio - Norman Nielson is an application developer and a social media blogger. The author describes various safe ways to get Instagram followers that can increase the visibility of your account.