How Valuable is Facebook's Audience Network?

Derek Schou
by Derek Schou 19 Dec, 2014

As Fiksu, a Facebook Audience Network Investigation - Value Beyond CPI."

The report delivers insights into the performance differences between Facebook Audience Network ads, traditional Facebook News Feed ads and other display networks. Also included in the report are side-by-side comparisons of app marketing data from Fiksu clients that ran both Facebook and display ad campaigns.

Fiksu found that the revenue per purchasing user on Facebook's Audience Network was $3.64 compared to the News Feed's $1.63 and display traffic's $0.15. The report also details that while click through rates on the Audience Network are consistently lower than the other ad sources, the conversion rate was nearly 10 percent higher than that of the News Feed and 25 percent higher than display ads.

"The research proves that the latest addition to Facebook's mobile app ads, Audience Network, can be successful across a range of apps, thanks to the comprehensive tools they provide for segmentation and targeting," said Craig Palli, chief strategy officer, Fiksu. "As our report indicates, it makes sense for marketers to spend more per click on Facebook properties since the ROI will be significantly better due to value of that segmentation, context and timing."