Keep Better Tabs on Those Facebook Ad Campaigns

Social marketing analytics and optimization technology Rival IQ has launched an offering that will enable brands to analyze and report on Facebook Ads campaigns as well as those they run on Instagram, the Audience Network and mobile.

Facebook advertising revenue has grown dramatically over the past few years but the social media giant has experienced several issues with its reporting, recently announcing they would be crediting advertisers who were subject to invalid clicks (the fifth time in the past year in fact) as a result of a glitch in their carousel ads as seen on mobile browsers.

The problem today is that many of the solutions available on the market struggle with the real-time demands of advertisers looking to make the best possible use of their promotional dollars but that's beginning to change.

Improved reporting tools like those now provided by Rival IQ should enable brands to optimize their ad spend - thanks to enhancements to audience targeting - however and that will likely be quite appealing to social media advertisers - 5 million of which are currently using Facebook Ads today.

"Advertising on social media has proven to be extremely effective and will continue to grow rapidly," said Seth Bridges, head of product at Rival IQ. "Facebook and Instagram's robust segmentation capabilities empower marketers to target their audience with precision, but the self-serve ad analytics manager interface has left them longing for something more intuitive and prescriptive. That's what we've built in Rival IQ."