Mid-Funnel Audience Targeting with Kinetic Social

Bret Ramsey
by Bret Ramsey 16 Jan, 2023

The native targeting capabilities of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others are important to the success of paid social ad campaigns, but they are somewhat limited. Fortunately, that's beginning to change. 

Kinetic Social has released its Kinetic Reveal Audience Solution, for example, the first of several new data-driven audience solutions resulting from the company's acquisition of the Spectrum Platform Company in late 2016.

The Reveal solution provides a mid-funnel audience targeting solution designed to improve return on ad spend (ROAS) by identifying people who are interested in a brand before they visit the brand's site or engage with the brand on social media.

How, exactly, does Kinetic do that? The technology essentially monitors what prospective users/buyers read and watch, categorizing content consumption upward of 400,000 times per second to create audience profiles and drive traffic that will ultimately become first-party data. Advertisers will be able to access audience data linking recent, relevant content consumption to mobile advertiser IDs to create custom audiences within all leading social platforms.

The native targeting capabilities of the leading social platforms, derived from user data, are cornerstones of an effective paid social advertising strategy but they have their limitations.

"Having worked with almost 400 leading brands over the last 5 years, we intimately understand the boundaries of the native audience tools. These tools are limited by the first party data of the brand and the social platform. With Kinetic Reveal, we are providing our brand customers with addressability and performance at scale in the mid-funnel by using our proprietary data to interpret content consumption on the open web and link it to the device id." said Matt Gilbert, CEO of Kinetic Social.

"It's finding the right audience that matters, and doing so requires a highly sophisticated approach that includes client data, platform data, and specialized third party predictive signals further supported by the analytics to measure it. With Reveal, there is simply no reason for marketers to sacrifice transparency of data sources, precision, or performance to increase audience scale."

The initial results of the solution, according to the company, are promising. Clients using Kinetic Reveal are realizing an average 4x lift in return on ad spend and are seeing similar lift in their retargeting pools as compared to native interest and look-alike targeting options.