Moomeo: Social Network-Powered E-mail Marketing

Think that e-mail you received is worth sharing with your social networking buddies? Moomeo can do that. First, send the e-mail to Then you will receive a link to the e-mail from Moomeo, which you can post to your social networks like Twitter and Facebook. The recipeint's and sender's e-mail addresses are hidden for privacy reasons. However, according to the FAQ's, "some unsubscribe links contain encrypted email addresses that go undetected by our scanners. Just remove unsubscribe links if you're unsure." But names included in e-mails will not be hidden, so those must be removed manually before sending the message to Moomeo.

While, at first, it might not seem like a big deal, there could be some very good uses for this tool. Personally, you could share family news - a birth announcement, for example. But with a little creativity, Moomeo could prove to be a useful business tool as well.

Perhaps you want to share a testimonial about the great service a customer received? If you want to promote your e-mail newsletter, Moomeo could be used to give a preview to people who either might not know about your newsletter, or might be wary of subscribing without first seeing a sample. Moomeo also supports attachments - not a bad way to share a case study with non-subscribers.

By now every Web professional should be aware of the power of e-mail marketing. Moomeo provides yet another way to reach out with e-mail, even to those who are not yet subscribers. It should also be said that this tool is open to anyone - including consumers - a reminder to stay professional with your e-mails. You don't want an e-mail out of context to damage your reputation online.

Moomeo is free to use, but some information is kept by the company. Read their privacy policy for details.