MyCleenr: Stop Following Dead Twitter Accounts

There may have been a time when the best way for you to get Twitter followers was to follow a bunch of accounts related to your interests or your industry. And yes, following is often the best way to get your own followers. But after a while, your following/follower ratio gets out of balance. That's where MyCleenr can help. Simply go to the website and enter your Twitter ID and password. They claim it's secure, although with all of these Twitter tools asking for your password, you have to wonder when something evil is going to happen.

What you'll get in return is a list of those you are following, sorted by the least frequently updated account. You can then choose to stop following them immediately. You want to keep up-to-date on this because when someone sees you're following way more accounts than are follwoing you, your perceived value is diminished. On the flipside, when users see that you have many followers but only follow a select few, it gives the impression that you are somewhat exclusive, and they will want to follow you in hopes of being followed back. In short, people want what they can't have.