Oneforty: The New Twitter App Store

Twitter applications can be found all over the Web and that's been the problem - finding and sorting them. Now there's oneforty, an online marketplace for Twitter apps. The site is currently in beta, you must sign up for an invite.

Oneforty boasts more than 1,300 apps - both free and paid - for users to browse. They are broken out in categories such as business, image sharing and travel. Users can build profiles on oneforty to rate and share apps with their friends. For developers, the real excitement will be coming shortly. A full-blown ecommerce angle will be added, where developers can sell their apps through oneforty. That's important - one thing that frustrates current Twitter users and keeps new users from signing up is the lack of helpful tools to streamline the experience. And, of course, developers will be exposed to a multi-million member (and growing) audience. There will likely be a tidy fee charged by oneforty - currently they are earning affiliate commission on paid apps on the site, through Apple's App Store, for example.

Click to request beta invites to oneforty.