Optimizer for Twitter Launched by Terametric

Today sees the release of Optimizer for Twitter by marketing analytics company Terametric.

Optimizer for Twitter is a brand new SaaS platform that makes leveraging the reach and growth of Twitter to engage more customers and drive more conversions a much easier task for both product and corporate marketers.

The platform works by predicting and measuring the activities that have the highest impact and then delivers the user real-time actionable recommendations, which makes it possible for everyone from novice to expert social media marketers to measure and improve their contribution to marketing performance. This is the first and only social media marketing platform to integrate real-time analysis with support on what and when to tweet and which users to target.

A unique competitive benchmarking engine drives Optimizer for Twitter, which, in addtion to real-time predictions and recommendations, also helps to compose and schedule tweets for directing the right message at the right time. In this sense, it's sort of like a Hoot Suite that gives you advice, the Alfred to your Batman, if you will. 

Optimizer for Twitter also aids marketers by watching their stream and pointing out the most influential and highest-trending tweets with which to engage. All of this allows marketers to drive, measure and improve their Twitter campaigns in a single management platform.

A 30-day free trial of Optimizer for Twitter is available (for qualified marketing organizations) by clicking here.