Pinterest Makes Major Ad Updates

Pinterest is stepping its ad game up with some major announcements, with the most notable being "Cinematic Pins."

According to company's announcement, Cinematic Pins are a new type of motion-based Promoted Pin that is controlled through scrolling. The new ad type aims to provide brands with enhanced storytelling opportunities while also giving consumers control of the content. Launch partners for Cinematic Pins include L'Oreal, Target, Visa Checkout, Wendy's and more.

Another noteworthy update is audience targeting, which enable brands to target Promoted Pins based on interests, personas or life stages such as millennials, foodies or travelers. Plus, Pinterest added to its existing premium CPM and CPC Promoted Pins with a cost-per-engagement (CPE) model that will help brands track future intent. Lastly, Pinterest announced that it is making its App Pins promotable in the coming months, on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis.

For brands that are ready to get started promoting content on the social network, Pinterest is offering a couple of new services. For starters, the "Pin Factory" is a Pin creative studio for brands. For a minimum spend, Pinterest says it will create Pin images and descriptions that get results. Conversely, Pinterest says brands that want to manage their content creation can work with one of the social network's recently announced Marketing Developer Partners. Moreover, all of these new products and offerings will begin rolling out to U.S. businesses this summer.

"When we first launched Promoted Pins, our goal was to give businesses a unique way to get in front of more people on this path. That's why we're excited to announce our new suite of ad solutions, which maps your business goals to the steps Pinners take to plan their futures."